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September 18, 2020
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October 28, 2020

Okay, maybe "Zombie Websites" aren't a real thing, but it's a fact that internet years go by much faster than human years. A recent study shows that the average lifespan of a website is 2.7 years making one human year equal to approximately 40 internet years. At this pace, a website that was created in 2015 would be considered well past its expiry date, and if it were a human, it would be over 200 years old.

Still not convinced your website is too old? Let's take a look at three different factors that will make your website obsolete.


Screen resolution

In the past ten years, screen resolutions have become much less predictable. In 2010, you could expect that more than 50% of all users were going to be viewing your website on a 1024 x 768 desktop monitor. In 2015 that number shrank to account for 8% of web users and the most dominant resolution of that time was a 1366 x 768 laptop resolution. In 2020, we don't have a dominant screen size anymore so it's essential to design and optimize your site so it will look great on all screens.


The last ten years have seen the creation of an unprecedented amount of new websites. This is in part due to the rise of database-driven websites with content management systems. With so much information available and developer communities building upon themselves, websites built-in 2020 are feature-rich and built on the advancements of the technology.


Google has made it known that they will not reveal the secrets of their search algorithm. All they will tell us is that they change it daily and announce when they have made a significant change to it. If we were to look back ten years, you would see a massive shift in the way that search rank is determined because the focus is on mobile experience which has opened up a lot of possibilities with location search and put a much higher emphasis on long-tail keywords a user would type into a search engine as well as preferential treatment to lean. These fast websites are built for the mobile experience.

So your website probably isn't going to turn into an actual zombie, but age does impact your website's performance from top to bottom and should always be a factor when considering a redesign. We hope you've enjoyed our web redesign tips.