International Engagement in Digital Technology

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November 8, 2021
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December 6, 2021

International Engagement in Digital Technology

Modern society is technology-driven, and companies are becoming aware of the digital universe and how to make an impact when it comes to brand awareness. As such, many countries are implementing policies that will create more jobs and stimulate growth.

So far, Information technology Communication (ICT) is among the most sought industry for development solutions through innovation and digital technology.

On a global scale, businesses don't see technology as limited to having automated processes but as new ways to engage successfully in the international market.

By reading this article to the end, you will uncover three ways that UK agencies are reaching out to global companies to provide digital technology that can help sustain business growth.

1. Digital Protectionism

The UK's government's Board of Trade addresses digital protectionism on the global stage by championing a free, competitive, and open digital economy. Following this move, more UK companies will export their high-quality, innovative goods and services globally.

2. Brokered Deals Between G7 Countries

Digital trade can be defined as trade in services and goods that are delivered or enabled digitally. In October 2021, Britain advocated for a deal between the G7 countries. According to Reuters, the principles include ways to monitor inter-border data that is predominant in digital trade. In effect, this aims to reduce digital trade barriers between trading nations.

The UK Board of Trade is responsible for local and international trade exports and investment. It endeavours to build on agreements from the G7 countries by working with member states in pursuit of vast international standards, norms and rules.

3. Free Trade Agreements

There is a fast-growing Indo-Pacific market, and the UK should secure free trade agreements for large service-based economies. The UK also targets the rapidly growing Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnerships—CPTPP.

4. Related Software for Improved Customer Service and Productivity

Software is a significant contributor to any business growth. The advantages include revenue maximization, reduction of operational costs, and improved customer service.

Digital technology can help improve operational efficiency. Businesses can skip laborious paper-based processes and reduce costs.

Such productivity software includes email, communications, and accounts packages.  Business productivity software has improved in the last decade, which includes mobile and cloud technologies.

How DNA Digital Reaches Out to Global Companies

  • Leverage Technology

DNA Digital can provide your business with the proper IT setup to support your day-to-day functions and goals, and it gives your business the full scope of technological investments. 

  • Manage IT Risks

Tasks include identifying possible IT risks and breaches and developing IT designs to help govern business processes under a secure and stable platform.

  • Interpret Data into Useful Insight

DNA Digital uses analytical technology, techniques, talents, and tools to interpret figures and facts into strategic insights. You will benefit by incorporating new ideas based on your data.

  • Cloud Technology

We offer a secure platform for you to keep your business account safe from cybercriminals. Our technologies include cloud storage that you can access remotely using mobile devices as long as you have the proper access.

  • Media and Telecommunications

DNA Digital helps businesses to manage complex actions by adapting and transforming to modern technology. We put in place new systems to ensure that you capitalize on every opportunity available to you.


There are many ways businesses can tap into the digital community to gain an international edge in the market. In a world where competition is cut-throat, your business needs to exploit all the advantages to get ahead.