Why Agencies Prefer an Offshore Model

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January 7, 2021
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February 1, 2021

Why Agencies Prefer an Offshore Model

If the biggest banks and technology companies do it, so should you. If SaaS providers and healthcare facilities can outsource their software deployment and management, so can you. If boutique stores and standalone restaurants can trust overseas talent, so can you. If you are wondering whether you should hire an offshore team, the answer is a resounding yes. Here is a list of five reasons why hiring an offshore software team makes the most sense.

5 reasons why you should prefer an offshore model

1. Free to focus on core goals

An offshore model lets you focus on your core functions. You can concentrate on your larger business objectives and delegate everything else that may take your valuable time. For e.g., you can focus on the design and oversee the development outsourced to an offshore team. This will unlock invaluable potential in your team. With all the technical minutiae off of your table, you can focus on the big picture, and think of customer or client acquisition, revenue growth, talent management, and product upgrades.

2. Access to expertise

If there is a technology need-gap - and there will be - hiring in-house talent can be a long drawn process. You will have to search for the right talent, lure them into your organisation, and wait for them to acclimatise. With an offshore model, you get a team with proven expertise and experience who are ready to tackle the problem from day one.

3. Flexibility

Startups usually don’t have the time or resources to closely monitor product development. Lack of adequate talent often results in inferior products. The offshore model provides significant flexibility to business owners by giving them the option to select the right talent pool consisting of team leaders, designers, and developers.

4. Time zone advantage

Offshoring to an Asian country, specifically India, provides a much-needed time advantage to companies in the US and Europe. When the offshore team is half a day ahead of you, you won’t have to waste a business day looking for solutions. As the tech giants have discovered, this translates to millions of dollars in savings every year.

5. Cost efficiency

Finally, the reason that comes to everyone’s mind when discussing offshore models. When you hire an offshore team, you will be getting experienced developers at an affordable cost. Importantly, this comes with no loss of expertise. You also save time and money when there are fewer resources to manage. Everything from your office space and infrastructure can be optimised with an offshore team. No need for big offices, no need for unnecessary workstations. As a startup, a dollar saved is a dollar invested in your product and your vision.

The offshore model has been successfully tested across sectors, with companies of all sizes preferring it for its compelling advantages. With the right offshore team, startups and small businesses can concentrate on their core competency, singularly focus on product development and customer acquisition, while enjoying significant cost advantages.