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August 11, 2021
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September 2, 2021

There are plenty of people searching for success. They're driven, ambitious and determined to make an impression on the world. But even when you have big dreams and lofty goals, it can be a little challenging to map a route from where you are now to where you know you want to be.

While every journey to success is a little different, there are some common ingredients. So read on and find out what the no-fail recipe for success really is.

Take One Part Big Idea

The first thing you need on the road to success is something to aim for. The big idea. The almost impossible goal that you know, deep down, you can reach if you work hard enough.

Success means different things to different people, so your goal can be anything you choose. Just make sure it's something you truly believe in because you will need faith and confidence when things get difficult.<.p>

Add a Large Measure of Determination and Dedication

There are countless stories about overnight success. But what they don't tell you is that overnight success is just the tip of the iceberg.

Success might come quickly, but most people put years or even decades of hard work into getting there, whether that means long years of studying or spending time perfecting complex skills. Everything you do takes you one step closer to somewhere, and people that succeed make sure that each step is heading where they want to go.

It takes grit, determination and dedication to get up every day, even when things are going wrong, and to keep trying. But the people who do are the ones that reach their goals.

Stir In Some Support

It takes a village.

Success does not happen in a vacuum. There are all kinds of people that you need around to help you along the way.

Some will be mentors, teachers and coaches. Some will provide the equipment and skills you need to follow your dreams. Others will be your cheerleaders, reminding you why you started and why you have to keep going. They're all part of your team, and they're all important if you're going to succeed.

Top with Gratitude

If you succeed in life, it's because a remarkable confluence of events allowed to you recognise where you wanted to go, gave you the ability to do it, introduced you to people who could help, and gave you the grit to keep going.

This means you should always succeed graciously. No one succeeds on their own, and no one ever entirely reaches their full potential. There will always be mountains to climb and people who might be a little better at one thing or the other. But we should always be grateful that we got the chance to compete and win doing something we love.

Keep Going, Team Great Britain!

Success means many things, but to the Olympians on Team Great Britain, it means getting to the games and showing the world what they've got. We're proud supporters of the amazing athletes carrying our flag, and we wish them all success during the Olympics and beyond.