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March 1, 2021
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April 1, 2021

What Technology Should I be Looking At in 2021?

Undoubtedly, 2020 saw many changes in the way society behaves collectively. Given how prevalent tech already is in people's lives, such a shift in lifestyles was bound to be reflected in tech. Therefore, entering 2021, technological trends will move with the times. With consumer needs drastically transforming, there will be rapid evolutions in various facets of the industry.  Read below as this blog delves into what technology deserves your attention in 2021:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a Runaway Freight Train.

AI is no secret to anyone. Over the past few years, it's become increasingly more the "norm."  Entering 2021, data collection for healthcare and infection rates will continue to be honed and improved to stifle the pandemic. As a result, the machine learning algorithm evolution will play out far quicker than expected.  On a broader spectrum, consumers will interact with businesses online more than ever. AI will be used to understand these behaviours and predict trends. Furthermore, virtual working environments will require remote recruiting and meeting algorithms.  Given the increase in focus on AI technologies, the various tools will be more refined, fine-tuned, and sophisticated come 2021. 

Vehicle Automation is Becoming a Reality. 

Yes, news of vaccines has peoples' ears perked up, but getting everyone inoculated will take some time.  So, expect public transportation passenger volume to fluctuate day-to-day during 2021. Adapting to these in-flux circumstances requires peak efficiency from the appropriate networks, service providers, and civic decision-makers. The challenges stemming from unpredictable consumer demand can be mitigated by reducing human labour costs. Of course, buses and trains still need to run—which is why self-driving vehicle initiatives will intensify during 2021. 

Entering the As-A-Service Era

Services offered on cloud-based, on-demand platforms that help people with work and life functions are called "as-a-service." As-a-service is the foundation on which robotics and AI are available for organisations or consumers. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and even smaller startups provide cloud-based offerings with immense capabilities. Through these platforms, there's no need to blow the budget on cutting-edge ideas.  Whether its tools, equipment, or skilled talent, this trending tech reduces the vast bulk of up-front investment costs.  Entering 2021, expect more organisations to utilise as-a-service tech for adaptable, scalable solutions.  Take Zoom, for example, who leveraged its cloud-based framework and partnerships with its providers. From there, the company increased its coverage and vastly improved its service at a rapid rate. 

The Rise of 5G Networks

Consider the most recent advancements in mobile network connectivity: First, 3G was revolutionary for web browsing and data-driven services on mobile devices. Then, there was 4G, which focused on streaming video and music platforms while bandwidths increased.  5G is the next step and will blend seamlessly with augmented and virtual reality. Furthermore, it'll play a perfect complement to cloud-based gaming platforms (e.g., Google's Stadia).  The other trends this blog mentioned are much more viable with 5G, because of its enhanced connectivity. These technologies require lots of power, and the networks of old can't hold up. Keep an eye on these trends as you enter the new year—and try to get in ahead of the curve.