How Power BI Helps Businesses

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June 3, 2021
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How Power BI Helps Businesses

Data plays a crucial role when it comes to making important decisions and developing strategies. However, as businesses continue to expand, it may be tough to manage data consistently. In this case, it may be challenging to make informed decisions based on data-driven analysis. But wait, there is a solution to this, Enter Power BI.

Fully referred to as Power Business Intelligence, these are the technologies and processes used by businesses to collect and analyse data and present it. Most importantly, Power BI offers actionable insights that allow companies to make data-driven decisions.


The Benefits of Power BI

There are many benefits for businesses that embrace current technology. Here are the benefits of Power BI: 

Offers accessible insights

The good news is that with the right expertise, any business can make use of this technology. However, it is crucial to understand how the technology works to know how to implement it in your everyday work practices.

Power BI allows reading and generating reports easy to use. Also, it comes with a drag and drop interface that is easily customisable. The good news is that both small and large-scale businesses can use this type of business intelligence. 

Unifies large datasheets

Power Business Intelligence is versatile as it meets the needs of different businesses with different levels of intelligence aptitudes. It creates visualisations of the most critical business data that anyone can read and understand.

The data also comes in customisable graphics that make it easy to present data in creative ways. A unified datasheet is helpful because it acts as a quick reference point for anyone who needs to access data in a hurry. 

Showcases current trends and future predictions

Forecasting tools in Power BI predict future patterns. Businesses, for example, might rely on this knowledge to build development strategies. It employs statistical algorithms and historical data to get the best outcomes and display them through graphical visualisation.

DNA Digital: Supporting the Development of Power BI for Your Organisation

Power BI is a business intelligence application that helps in the analysis of relevant company data. It keeps a business efficient and provides tools that are important in strategic business analysis. With this in mind, DNA Digital boosts a web development team that supports successful practices for business intelligence. 

Simply put, this will offer any company a competitive advantage and increase client happiness. Our expert staff will assist in developing Power BI technology that is particularly customised to any organisation, no matter how large or small.


One thing is for sure, DNA Digital believes in game-changing features that are easy to use and are intuitive. Our experts advocate for Power BI because of its ability to offer actionable insights, current and future trends as well as historical data.

Want to know more about Power BI and how it will help your business? Contact us today!