In the digital age, developing a revenue generating web platform is key. DNA has spent a decade creating ROI focused, digital platforms that deliver tangible business results.

Effective digital advertising is now the primary factor in the success of modern businesses. DNA Digital has senior marketing consultants in place during the platform development process, to ensure the site has been constructed from the outset with search engine optimisation and digital marketing in mind.

Fulfilment, logistics, stock management, credit control and invoicing often create complex pitfalls and bottlenecks in growing e-commerce businesses. Our solutions are designed and delivered as scalable platforms from the beginning, allowing your infrastructure to grow with your success.  Automatic order processing and effective data flow between systems creates a seamless user journey, across all devices, channels and browsers.

If you are looking to make money online through an e-commerce website, or are looking to scale your existing e-commerce solution, our team of highly experienced digital experts will be able to help capture your requirements and guide you to success.

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