Consultancy Services

Gain access to our senior consultants to help you define improve or fix your important development projects.

DNA Digital’s experience in IT and web solutions puts us in a unique position to help organisations formulate a meaningful project requirement.

The selection of a technology partner is critical to the success of your project and knowing the correct questions to ask comes from the experience on both side of the table.

We can help you formulate questions that will give an insight into a suppliers core values and ethics, this will help ensure they fit within your organisation.

We can also provide advice and guidelines on:

• Tendering processes
• Defining business requirements
• Business change processes
• Interfacing with internal and external systems
• Future requirements
• Supplier - Buyer partnerships
• Project management processes
• Development processes (including coding standards and version control management)
• Hosting, support and maintenance
• Commercialisation
• Integrated marketing solution

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