Support Services

Support means we don't leave you out in the cold once your system is delivered.

Daily Maintenance and Bug fixing – to ensure your site continues to operate as originally designed.

 12 and 24 Month Contracts

• To ensure your site stays live at all times.
• 4 week rolling backup to ensure that if there is a problem your content is recoverable.

Compatability with latest browser/Plugin updates

• Your site will be continuously monitored and adapted to comply with the constantly changing Internet.
• Browsers and Plugins
• Security changes and Legislation

  First Level Support- Mon-Fri (Mon – Fri Business Hours)

• Tickets responded to within 24 hours
• Support to fix any user created problems
• Support to repair malicious damage, hacking, unauthorised access.
• Help and advice

  Second Level Support- Mon-Sat (Mon – Fri Business Hours)

• High Priority business critical issues
• Response time 4-6 hours
• Email Support – Problem escalation
• Telephone Support
• Resolution time may vary depending on severity of issue – High Priority

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