Q.A and Testing

Our rigorous testing and QA process ensures the highest standards at all times.

Within DNA Digital, the QA Team is involved from the 'Requirements gathering and analysis' phase in order to have a complete understanding of the system.

The QA understands the screen prototypes for all the screens that need to be developed and the appropriate screen workflows from the end user point of view. With a clear understanding of the functional/screen workflows, QA proceeds to define the test cases for each and every module in the system.

Developers execute the unit test cases provided by the QA in the test cases documentation.

Alpha testing

Testing of a software system conducted at the developer instance by the end user. This phase is the first step to begin Software testing. The first phase includes unit testing, component testing, and system testing.

Browser compatibility testing

The compatibility of the web application across different versions browsers like IE, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Chrome is carried out.

Penetration testing

A penetration test (pen-test is a controlled process in which security verification is performed by using methods to actively evaluate the security measures.

Beta testing

It is the second phase of software testing when all the features of software are completely tested and the application is released to the client for further testing.

Load testing:

Load testing is performed to determine the response times for various time critical transactions and business processes and to ensure that they are within Service Level Agreements

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