Design and UX

The design and user experience process.

The DNA Digital Design Team considers high quality consistency and messaging throughout the sites design to be of fundamental importance.

Leonardo Da Vinci said simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. DNA Digital understands that a design does not need to be complex to be effective – in fact, the reverse is often true and that it is about more than simply making your marketing collateral look good. It needs to carry the correct message, and through carefully chosen imagery and positioning, it should emotionally engage your customers in a positive way.

Our experienced design team is well placed to achieve this; all our designers are highly qualified and experienced with an excellent understanding of usability and visitor experience. DNA Digital's deep level of understanding comes from 15 years of designing websites. This has allowed us to understand the meaning of usability. Employing advanced design techniques, making use of attention heat mapping and gaze plotting, we can ensure that your website will lead your visitors on a journey of your choosing. 

DNA Digital leads the field in the marketing and commercialisation of websites, balancing cost with achieving maximal site revenue. 

All the above ensures that we can provide your company with a successful solution. Our on-going marketing service, which you have already commissioned, will define your goals and create an image of what success looks like. We will work with you to select key performance indicators that matter to your business then report on a monthly basis, providing analysis and recommendations to drive your campaign to achieve these goals.

Through our design approach and innovation in technology we aim to bring the best user experience to your site visitors and create a best in class feeling about your business.

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