Bespoke Solutions

Enterprise technology solutions without the enterprise price tag. 

DNA Digital provide a turnkey solution to help you realise your businesses digital vision. We handle each phase of your development from initial consultancy through to business analysis and project delivery.

We provide detailed documentation on organisational requirements, fully defining the design development and delivery of your entire digital vision. DNA Digital can manage all aspects of your development.

• Consultancy
• Business Analysis
• Project Management Approach
• Quality Assurance
• On-going Support
• Change Control Process and Management
• Hosting

This means you have a solution with one point of contact.

Our team has an excellent reputation for innovating and commercialising digital solutions. We understand the value your online presence will offer site visitors and how your website can streamline internal operations and administrative tasks.

We have extensive experience in system integrations ranging from CRM, SUN, SAP, J D Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics and SAGE 500/1000. We also have experience in Global Distribution System (GDS) Integrations

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